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1879 Trade$ NGC PR 64 - Desirable Proof Trade Dollar - US ... 1874 Trade$ NGC PR 63 - Desirable Proof Trade Dollar - US Trade Dollar. $3,100.00. Free shipping . USA US United States of America 26 g silver Coin Dollar 1851. $1,270.00. Shipping: Proof-only date and a great type coin with a mintage of just 1,541 coins struck overall. David Lawrence Rare Coins Great Britain Dollar KM T5 Prices & Values | NGC

US Gold Coin Mintages - Pre-1933 US Gold Coins Buy gold coins, silver coins, and bullion at low prices with reliable service from AGE. Get gold price news, U.S. gold coin mintages, gold coin pics & info 1873-CC T$1 Trade (Regular Strike) Trade Dollar - PCGS ... Much of the reason for the low mintage of the 1873-CC Seated Liberty Dollar can be attributed to the time and resources diverted to the Trade Dollar, which has a substantially higher mintage of 124,500 pieces (by far, the highest output of CC-mintmarked Dollars up until that point). Susan B Anthony Dollar Mintage

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United States Trade Dollars were authorized under the Mint Act of 1873, which The American Trade Dollar proved to be a success, and circulation mintages  31 May 2012 As a direct result, Silver Dollar mintages soared above one million in The inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and TRADE DOLLAR  As a direct result, silver dollar mintages soared above one million in both 1871 In contrast to the new Trade dollar, the regular U.S. silver dollar weighed just  Find the current Trade Dollar values by year, coin varieties, and specific grade. 1877-S Trade$ NGC MS61 - Great Type Coin - US Trade Dollar. Buy Now 1882 T$1 PR62 CAMEO PCGS CAC TRADE DOLLAR PROOF MINTAGE 1097 Buy:  In fact, the mintage of 1877-S alone was greater than all combined trade dollar mintages of the Philadelphia and Carson City mints from the first year of business   Common dates are worth at least $100+ in the lowest grades and key or semi- key dates (low mintage dates and mints) can be worth $200-$350 in the lowest 

Common dates are worth at least $100+ in the lowest grades and key or semi- key dates (low mintage dates and mints) can be worth $200-$350 in the lowest 

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Rare silver trade dollar from British, French Indochina, United States, Mexico, Japan Mintage. Remark. 1895. 1895 B. 3,316,036. Rare. 1895 No mint mark. The Seated Liberty Dollar was produced from 1840 to 1873. During this time frame, mintages ranged from extremely low levels just above one thousand to.

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Morgan Dollars are among the most popular of all United States coinage. The series was introduced in 1878 and minted continuously until 1904, and again in 1921. The coins were generally struck in large quantities at a total of five different nationwide Mints. Liberty Coin Service Collecting Trade Dollars Collecting Trade Dollars 1873 Trade Dollar The Trade Dollar is perhaps the most controversial coin ever issued by the United States Mint. It was designed partly as a way to remove some of the surplus silver regularly coming to the United States market. More - over, it served a useful purpose as a facilitator of imports from China. Chop Marked Trade Dollars - Littleton Coin Company The Trade dollar was a classic case of killing two birds with one stone. The United States had more than enough silver, and the coin being larger than a standard silver dollar would use more silver, which was fine with everyone concerned. Trade Dollar 1873-1885 | Corpus Christi Coin & Currency

The History of the Trade Dollar - CoinWeek May 31, 2012 · Proof Trade dollars were issued for an additional five years in mintages that ranged from 960 to 1,987. It wasn’t until 1887 that the public was allowed to redeem them again at face value. Trade Dollars (1873-1885) - NGC The Trade dollar’s biggest problems occurred not in China but at home. In a last-minute deal, Congress had made the coin a legal tender for domestic payments up to five dollars. In 1876, millions were dumped into circulation in the United States when silver prices plummeted, making them worth substantially more as money than as metal. Trade Dollar - PCGS CoinFacts Weighing 420 grains, or slightly heavier (1.8%) than a standard silver dollar, the Trade dollar was intended for export only. Despite this, they were legal tender in the United States until 1876, at which time Congress revoked their status. Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Mintage | How Many were Made?